Stinking Thinking

I have been out making repairs on  Blue Rose Cabins this week,  (Its close to the Old Mans Cave area of the Hocking Hills). Working, listening to downloaded Podcasts while working, and mumbling under my breath about GD tourists.  Heres the thing about tourists. They are a catch 22 situation for me. From my perspective, they use up natural resources, fill the septic tanks up, break things, and leave. The problem with that stinking thinking is that without them I would not have the work at that place. If everything stayed pristine I would never get contacted for repairs. Also, I can’t lump them all together, they are not all bad, and that would just be wrong.

I also started thinking about my time in Strategic Air Command and a supervisor in particular that I had named Joe Whitesock. While on staff in the 80’s it was decided that we would do a self-help project. That’s when the command supplies all of the raw materials and you perform the labor to redo or spruce up an office space. I knew nothing about construction or working with wood. My side thing at the time was buying used cars and flipping them for a small profit. Joe wanted all of the new doors, doorframes, and baseboards stained. I did not have a clue so I took no action. He came back in the room a little later and was clearly upset (fuming) at the lack of progress. He stated in a highly agitated voice; If You Cant Stain Wood I Don’t Have Any Use For You! Well, in a concentrated personal effort to keep my staff job, I picked up a can and read the instructions on the label. Remember, this was pre-internet times, there was no looking it up on Youtube. I would have never thought at the time that his comment (rant) would have stuck with me this long or that it would have launched me on a second career. From that self-help job, making things out of wood became somewhat of an obsession. From remodeling and flipping houses to traveling throughout the country effecting repairs for people, it has been challenging at times, but also very rewarding.

When I left for the day, driving down the big hill, I stopped because there were four doe deer standing in a line looking at me. I put the window down and talked to them for what must have been three minutes. They stood there, wagged their tails and shaking their heads up and down. Its as if they were saying, your ok dude, we know your not a threat.  No, I didn’t even think about taking a picture until much later. I’m good with that, everything does not need to be documented. Loads of things happen in your life that are much better to just experience and to be there in the moment.


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2 Responses to Stinking Thinking

  1. Janika Banks says:

    Some of my best accomplishments and skills started with people fussing at and pushing me. I’d be such a hermit without them. I like seeing the pix you post. ☺

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