The Eraser Doesn’t Work

I snapped awake this morning at oh dark thirtyish my first thought being, I am a human white board.

I’m the medium sized white board they keep in the corner of the conference room. I’m the one that the guy from HR accidentally used a Sharpie on that one time he wasn’t paying attention. The cleaning staff has tried to get the black permanent marker off, but all it did was fade a little. The information is not bad, but it just isn’t needed anymore, we could use that space for new information. So it sits in the corner, half permanently occupied with brownish info, half clean, not being used anymore, but they cant bring themselves to get rid of it.

Head trauma can do strange things to your thinking, I’m just glad I’m still thinking.

And now, here’s a clip of chickens that we raised from the egg playing in the yard. (Bear with me if I have previously posted this, I don’t remember).

The one that looks like a pigeon from Goodfeathers is called Snert (snow dirt). The gray rooster is called Jekyll and the colorful rooster is called Heckle. They all came from the same hen that was an Austrolorp. The all have Silkie in them from the dad rooster. Diversity man.chickens



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3 Responses to The Eraser Doesn’t Work

  1. Janika Banks says:

    That pigeon looking one is perfectly colored for a blue andalusian. That’s a really hard color to get! I think they’re trying to get other blue classes now like blue orpingtons. I love your chicken names. =) I’m not very creative. I named mine after store franchises one year, like LL Bean, lol.


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