Chicken Extortion?

So I worked yesterday replacing rotted boards on a hot tub deck at one of the rental cabins. I get home, and around five o’clock get a call from a distant neighbor. She tells me that she ran into one of our chickens that was on the road “by” our house. My inside voice thinks, huh, I’m not missing any chickens (we count ours daily.)  She goes on to say that it caused eight hundred dollars of damage to the front of her car and that she filed a police report. Me being me, I’m still waiting for the punch line. She says she has a one hundred dollar deductible and that she is on a fixed income. So since its my chicken I am responsible for paying her deductible.  Right then my brain is gearing up for the phrase, pound sand lady!, followed by hanging up. Just before I did, that one small 20 watt appliance light bulb I have left in my head went off.  I asked, what color was the chicken?

White she answered.  Huh, these are the chickens we raise…





By the way, the pipe in the pictures is an automatic watering station I made, hooked up to a rain barrel.  Man I wish I would have thought of that years ago!

So, after I explained to her that we have no white chickens, and that she is more than welcome to come over to see for herself, she demanded to know, well who’s is it then? Well, I know I’m psychically good, but I’m not that good. I do know that the guy across the street has white ducks. She said the unfortunate bird stuck in the grill when she hit it. If you don’t know the difference between a chicken and a duck, I am pretty sure a glance at the feet will give it away. I am not sure if this was an attempt to extract cash from me or an old lady being sincere. Either way, she never showed up to check out my chicks.



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